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G2O – An Exercise in Pragmatism

G2O is featured in Investor Intelligence who note that: G2O has developed a scalable method for coating graphene oxide on to standard filter media. The coating improves the performance of water treatment filters. This enhances the performance of the filter and potentially reduces the costs of operation too. Waste water treatment is a large global...

G2O an “early trailblazer” in Using Graphene for Filtration

G2O an “early trailblazer” in Using Graphene for Filtration

The Waterworld article SCALING UP GRAPHENE WATER FILTRATION TECHNOLOGY discusses G2O’s use of graphene and the end markets.

Developing solutions to improve the world’s water problems

From the National Centre for Universities and Business (NCUB)… The world’s grand challenges require interdisciplinary solutions – and this style of research is a key feature of how water@leeds operates and has found considerable success. Since we launched nine years ago, water@leeds has become the largest water-related research and training centre of any university in the...