Developing solutions to improve the world’s water problems

From the National Centre for Universities and Business (NCUB)…

The world’s grand challenges require interdisciplinary solutions – and this style of research is a key feature of how water@leeds operates and has found considerable success.

Since we launched nine years ago, water@leeds has become the largest water-related research and training centre of any university in the world. Our membership stands at over 330 researchers, drawn from all faculties at the University of Leeds. We are inspired by the local and global challenges presented by water, and we come together to take a leading role in addressing them.

For example, we’re currently working with Manchester’s G2O Water Technologies to support its development of graphene water filters. This is a £1m project to bring the technology closer to market and to address world-wide water scarcity and pollution problems. The ultimate aim is to develop the capability to treat water at a much lower cost than at present, therefore making it more accessible worldwide.

The company’s chief executive and founder, Tim Harper firmly believes the technology could help solve real-world water problems and has told me that joining forces with water@leeds is key to bringing the latest science and knowledge to development of his product.

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