G2O Signs Exclusive Licence Agreement for Ultra-thin Defect Free Graphene Based Membranes

G2O Water Technologies (“G2O”), the supplier of patented graphene membrane coatings for water treatment and desalination, announces that it has signed an exclusive worldwide technology licence with the South Carolina Research Foundation for the preparation of low cost ultra-thin defect free graphene based membranes.  The patented technology will allow G2O to market a range of membrane coatings that both reduce fouling and significantly increase the flux rate.  The coating can be applied to all types of filter membrane.

Fouling of nano/ultrafiltration membranes in oil/water separation is a longstanding issue and a major economic barrier for their widespread adoption. Currently membranes typically show severe fouling, resulting from the strong adhesion of oil on the membrane surface and/or oil penetration inside the membranes.  This greatly degrades their performance and shortens service lifetime as well as increasing the energy usage.

G2O’s bio inspired approach uses graphene oxide (“GO”) for the fabrication of fully-recoverable membranes for high flux, antifouling oil/water separation via functional and structural mimicking of fish scales.  The ultra-thin, amphiphilic, water-locking GO coating mimics the thin mucus layer covering fish scales, while the combination of corrugated GO flakes and intrinsic roughness of the porous supports successfully reproduces the hierarchical roughness of fish scales.  Cyclic membrane performance evaluation tests revealed circa 100% membrane recovery by facile surface water flushing, establishing their excellent easy-to-recover capability.

The pore sizes can be tuned to specific applications such as water desalination, oil/water separation, storm water treatment and industrial waste water recovery.  By varying the GO concentration in water, GO membranes with different thickness can be easily fabricated via a one-time filtration process.

G2O’s patented graphene oxide technology acts as a functional coating for modifying the surface properties of existing filter media resulting in:

  • Higher pure water flux;
  • High fouling resistance;
  • Excellent mechanical strength;
  • High chemical stability;
  • Good thermal stability;
  • Low cost.

Tim Harper, Chief Executive, G2O Water Technologies Ltd commented:

“We believe that the technology we have licensed will revolutionise the membrane market by significantly increasing the efficiency of filters and broadening the market, whilst also considerably reducing the energy requirements for applications as diverse as oil treatment, water purification and desalination.”

16th July 2015