G2O Graphene Membranes Allow ‘A Radical Optimization of Existing Practice’

An article in Water and Wastewater International titled “GLOBAL ‘GRAPHENE RUSH’ CONTINUES AS UK SCIENTISTS STABILISE MEMBRANE” discusses G2O’s technology in the context of recent announcements from the University of Manchester.

Elsewhere in the UK, G2O is commercialising a development by the University of South Carolina in which a graphene oxide coating is applied to an existing polymeric membrane.

Pearce added: “This preserves the form factor and should be more easily adopted by the industry. The development is still early stage and the longevity of the coating has yet to be established, but the approach appears to be promising and initial results on performance enhancement have been encouraging. This is more likely to allow a radical optimization of existing practice rather than the potentially more revolutionary but higher risk development from Manchester.”