• Produced Water

    G2O coated membranes are highly effective at oil/water separation and has been successfully scaled up.

    This has substantial applications in areas such as the treatment of produced water in the oil and gas industry and industrial and municipal waste water treatment where the removal of oil in micro emulsions is difficult and expensive.

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  • Waste Water

    G2O coated membranes have been shown to reduce fouling on membrane bioreactor (MBR) membranes by a factor of four.

    A further major application of the technology is the removal of contaminating water from organics, e.g. propanol, butanol and aviation fuel. G2O’s technology is dramatically cheaper than distillation or other alternatives.

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  • Desalination

    G2O coated membranes increase the pure water flux through a wide variety of membranes used in water treatment for desalination.

    The increase is due to preferential transportation of water between the graphene oxide planes which also results in high salt rejection allowing the creation of a new form of low pressure reverse osmosis system based on using a graphene coated ultrafiltration membrane.

    This reduces operating costs for existing desalination plants and potentially also make smaller scale micro desalination plants cost effective to operate.

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