About G2O


G2O Water Technologies Limited (G2O) is a UK-based graphene innovation and application company whose patented technology is aimed at tackling the world’s water shortage.

Its proven, scientific process does this by reducing the cost of treating waste water, separating oil from water in the oil industry and creating fresh water from sea water.

G2O’s process applies a coating of graphene oxide – a form of graphene, the world’s strongest material – to polymer membranes used in water filtration, making the membranes more efficient and reducing the energy needed to treat the water. Tests show the process can reduce energy use by over 50%.

The process is based on research developed at the University of South Carolina, USA which is now patented and licensed exclusively by G2O for use worldwide.

Scaling up for the water industry

Now the science is proven, G2O is working with a number of industry and innovation partners to scale up the technology and bring it to market, ultimately delivering this new and unique filtration capability to water industry companies.

G2O’s graphene oxide coating technology will be able to support companies’ existing membrane treatment systems and create a more effective process more cheaply and quickly.

The application development work currently underway at G2O is addressing a wide range of industry issues affecting the use of membranes in water filtration, including the removal of dyes, chemicals and cleaning up sewage plants. However, above all, G2O’s technology is designed to:

  • Create safe drinking water, either by desalination (removing salt from water) or lowering the cost of cleaning up contaminated water, for example in the developing world;
  • Use less energy and reduce the cost of water treatment and
  • Enable greater compliance with pollution reduction and environment protection.