About G2O

  • G2O Water Technologies Ltd has exclusive worldwide rights to a graphene based water treatment technology.

    G2O applies a graphene coating to membranes manufactured by third parties which dramatically increases the performance of the membrane and also allows membranes to be applied in new applications and end markets where fouling currently prevents their use.

  • It has identified specific applications in waste water treatment, the oil & gas industry and desalination, addressing initial markets worth over US$2.8 billion.

    The technology significantly reduces energy costs which is the largest plant operating expense and improve membrane lifespan and performance.

  • Tim Harper, Dr Miao Yu and other nanomaterial research professionals have been investigating opportunities for nanomaterials to help solve the growing water crisis since 2004.

    Initial results showed quantum performance improvement vs existing technology resulting in significant cost savings to plant operators and potential to expand use of membranes into new markets where fouling by oils precludes their use.