G2O Graphene Water Membranes

“The ability to align sheets of graphene so that water but nothing else is transmitted may be the simple game-changer that allows the world to finally address the growing water crisis”
  • Cheaper Water

    The world is forecast to face a 40% global shortfall between water demand and available supply by 2030. Within the next 15-20 years, the worsening water security situation risks triggering a global food crisis, with shortfalls of up to 30% in cereal production.
    Already 80 million cubic meters per day of water are produced world-wide by desalination plants meeting the needs of 300 million people at a cost of $73m per day

  • Less Energy

    Treatment is energy intensive with energy accounting for over 50% of operating costs. Desalination plants use about 15,000 kWh of power for every million gallons of fresh water produced
    G2O’s graphene water membranes can reduce energy costs by 80-90% saving a 50 million gallons/day desalination plant up to $30m per year and reducing water costs by 40%

  • Using Graphene

    G2O’s graphene filter technology addressing a $2Bn market and reducing energy costs by up to 97%. Applications include

    • Desalination of seawater
    • Environmental maritime applications in oil & gas production
    • Drain water and waste water management